SEO vs Adwords
SEO and AdWords are both used for the purpose of adding traffic to a website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that allows you to optimize the website to get it better ranked in the search engine result pages. Optimized websites are usually rewarded by search engines with more free traffic.

AdWords is a Google system that you can use to buy ads for your website. The ads are placed below and on the right hand side of the Google search results. You can buy ads that will show when users search for a particular keyword or a query. For example, if you’re selling handmade bags, you can make your ads show up when users search “handmade bags”.

In essence, SEO and AdWords and different and can be complimentary means of increasing your website’s traffic. Depending on your particular needs, one or both of those options may be useful for you.
Website design and layout
When it comes to layout and design, Google AdWords does not require any kind of changes to the website. Seach Engine Optimization, on the other hand, requires various changes to be made to the original website. This includes modifications in the design, text and images as well as the way they are arranged.

One of the main tasks in the SEO process is the development of unique, high quality content. Content is considered unique when it is an original, not-duplicated high quality text that is valuable for the visitors of the website. In addition, content has to include the keywords that search engine users may use to search for that content.
Timelines for Results
You can see the results of AdWords campaign in rather short period of time. Usually it will take only a few minutes for AdWords to create a traffic flow to the website. As soon as you make your ad and make it visible using your AdWords account, the ad will appear in search result pages. AdWords, together with Google Analytics account, will also give you an ability to look at how your website is doing with the help of detailed performance reports.

SEO campaigns, unlike AdWords campaigns, take time (months, sometimes years) before you can enjoy the benefits of additional traffic. This is because SEO process itself is very time consuming. You need to build excellent content and, much more importantly, you need to build high quality links to your website and to your most valuable content pages. That process, especially the link building process, may take a long time. Even after you’ve built great content and links, it takes a while for Google and other search engines to give your website credit for them.
Target Groups
AdWords works fine for those companies that are looking for targeted audience that search specific group of keywords. You can choose the type of the ad you are planning to run, write the text of the ad, choose targeted websites the ad will appear on in addition to Google search results, select the location where you want the ad to run (you can specify country, state or city) and start running your ad. You can have multiple ads directing traffic to multiple pages of your website. You can also specify keyword lists for each ad as well as so-called negative keyword lists i.e. keywords in which case the ads shouldn’t show. In general, AdWords gives you excellent targeting capabilities and you can target exactly the type of visitor that you’re looking for.

In SEO process, you’re effectively increasing the “value” that search engines assign to your website. In order to do that, you’re building great content and high quality links to that content from other websites. Once your site is viewed more favorably by search engines, you’ll start receiving more free traffic from them. However, this traffic will not be as targeted as you’d like. People may end up on your site that have searched using both keywords that are relevant for you as well as keywords that are not. They may come from locations that are not of interest to you (say your website is for a Houston restaurant and the visitor is from NYC).

Bottom line is that AdWords traffic is paid and can be very targeted. Traffic that comes from SEO work is free and as such is not targeted.

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