AdWords Management
AdWords is a Google program that can be used to buy ads on Google search results. The main benefit of using AdWords is that you can get many targeted visitors to your desired pages on your website. If you have sufficiently large budget, you can get many visitors to your website almost immediately.

We can set up and manage your AdWords campaigns by selecting the appropriate keywords for your website, creating effective and high-impact ads, selecting your target demographic, monitoring how each ad performs and continuously improving your ads to get the best results for your money. We charge the industry standard 15% for managing AdWords campaigns.

Clients often ask as whether they should spend their marketing dollars on SEO or on AdWords. The answer is that if you have budget for both - you should do both. In the long term, SEO is probably more cost effective because the traffic that you ultimately get via SEO isn’t ad-based and is free. However, SEO is a long term investment and it takes months, sometimes years, to get that free traffic. Also, it may not be as targeted as you’d like. AdWords, on the other hand, is very targeted, you can get as much traffic as you’re willing to pay for and you get visitors to your website almost immediately.

Sounds Interesting? Let’s chat about your marketing needs and setting up AdWords campaigns for your organization.