Web Design

Web design is one of the core services that we offer at Bayole. In fact, most of our client engagements start as web design projects and expand in scope (based on the desire of clients) only after the web design project is completed.

We view web design as a multi-step process. The first and the most important step is for us to understand what type of website does the client want. In order to do this we work with clients to identify business objectives that the website should accomplish (such as bringing in additional customers for the client), map the sections and/or the pages that the website should have and discuss with clients what is expected of them (such as providing the texts and the images of the site) and what is expected of us (such as designing beautiful and effective website on time and within the budget).

Once both we and the client have a good understanding of the web design process, we sign the contract, take the initial deposit and start working. Except in the case of the smallest of the projects, we divide the work into a number of segments with their corresponding milestones. For example, the milestones may be

designing of the homepage

designing of the first 3 pages

designing of the first 8 pages

finishing the website.

Then we develop each segment, revise it if necessary based on the client feedback and once it’s completed we move to the next segment. At the end of this process we upload the final design of the website to the computer server and the client’s new and beautiful website becomes live.

At Bayole we assign a project manager for each of our web design projects who becomes the main point of contact for the client. The project manager also coordinates the works of our expert software developers and expert designers to ensure that the website that we build is exactly the way the client wants it to be.

Sounds interesting? Let’s talk and let us build a beautiful and effective website for you.